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One out of three outlook users have exactly no great idea about the features and applications of Outlook Mail. This article is elucidating about the various featured applications of Outlook mail. Everybody loves the outlook mail, its user-friendly interface and the perfect features and the primary reason why the users stick around it for long while. But, we recently came to know that the users are not exactly having a wonderful idea about the notable features of outlook mail. The outlook mail customer support periodically sending the recent updates to its subscriber’s emails address, but most of its users are neglecting such all updates. A well-articulation regarding the best features of outlook mail is given in this content. find here all option to connecting with outlook mail technical support technician.

The Integrated Skydrive is the one best feature that we noticed in the Outlook mail. It’s exactly works like a Google Drive application, but the difference between Google Drive and Skydrive is in the file uploading size. The Skydrive allows file uploading size Up To 300 MB, whereas the Google Drive allows file upload size up to 100MB. In outlook, if you want to upgrade the inbuilt storage space, then upgrade your current free plan to a premium one. You can upgrade it either manually or by contacting the Outlook mail customer support.

Another stunning feature of outlook mail is its interface. The pure white home-screen of Outlook mail ensures the mailing transparency. However, the interface of Outlook is not as perfect as Gmail, but still it comes up with non-faulty options. The spam emails will automatically filtered to the spam folder and rest of the white listed emails re-direct to the inbox folder. You can also use the integrated features like ‘Mark Spam’, ‘Sweep’ etc to move fishy emails that appeared on Outlook mail inbox.

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Email integration is another notable feature of Outlook mail. You can integrate and use Outlook mail by using the email client applications. Configuring the email with email client applications helps to make the mailing easier and flexible. A negative fact of outlook mail with the email clients is, the original configuration seems bit difficult for many users. Improper configuration may a cause for redirecting the email to the other mailing servers.

The outlook Integration with the social media sites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook is the one of the best and notable features that we observed while taking a research to write this topic. It’s also sure that no other webmail platform has such an inbuilt social media site integration option. You can post comments and share-retweet the interesting posts. The users can try this feature by clicking ‘Content from third-party networks’ linked at the bottom of the Skydrive Home page

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The outlook mail customer service is another Underlined peculiarity of Outlook. Both its free and premium users can connect with the outlook mail technical support via forum, which is considered as one of the finest methods to share the mailing issue with the outlook mail customer service team. Keep in Mind that there are no other options are available to contact its outlook mail technical support team other than the Forum. To share an issue to the forum, first log-in with the User Id and Password and then click on ‘Post a Question’ to add a new question. Read the forum guidelines before posting.