Internet Explorer Support Phone Number for Technical Support

Once back a time, the internet explorer was one of the leading web browser in the internet world. But very soon, its fame slowly disappeared after the arrival of web browser like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. However, now also around 20% of internet traffic is redirecting from the internet explorer. This article is elucidating about various issues of IE and Internet explorer customer service contact information to contact their support executives.

Most of its users usually saying ‘My Internet explorer is not working’ for us, it is hard to guess- What was the exact reason behind the stop working of Internet explorer. Some possible reasons to occur the issue includes- outdated plug-in, no internet connection, an internal conflict with the installed device, application not working, outages in web browser, etc. On such cases, you’ve to find real time solution to fix the issue. If you are not a tech-savvy, then we are suggesting you to take the guidance suggested by the Internet explorer technical support team. A detailed explanation regarding – How to contact Internet explorer customer support is given at the end of this post. Do check it out.

Internet Explorer Technical Support Team

Another usual issue is ‘IE is working slow.’ To figure-out the issue in right way, you first check the speed of internet connection. Working IE speedily requires minimum 100 kbps speed. Assess the speed of your internet connection under the control panel or by using the website like,,, etc. Also note that there are sometimes the same issue will repeats if the computer becomes hacked, to survive in such a worst scenario, we suggest taking the advice of an expert technician of internet explorer customer service before doing anything that you know about it.

Similarly another issue of IE is regarding its loading time. This might be another most common raising issue of Internet explorer. As mentioned earlier, the loading time usually occurs when the internet is working slowly. Along side of that chance, the same issue may occur because of an internet security application. If the outages were occurred because of an internet security application, then we are suggesting for disabling the scanning option temporarily and try to disable the internet security application temporarily. Let’s take a try.

Also, in some cases we notice some internal error messages on IE. There are many reasons behind the occurring of this issue. Only an expert technician can figure out and fix the issue. Some possibilities for showing the internal messages are given as below.

  • Phishing filter turned off
  • The Popup blocker is turned off. If so, do turn on
  • Alteration in the security settings
  • Disabled the cache enabling feature, which may usually cause stops the working of many advertising supporting web browsers.
  • Pop-up blocker is turned off allowing pop screens. Turns the Pop Up Blocker on.
  • Disabled the phishing filter

How to Contact the Internet Explorer Customer Service Number?

IE is a free web browser and that is the reason why there is no Internet explorer technical support number provided for resolving the issues of Internet explorer. The users of IE can resolve their issues either through the help center page or forum method. Both are exactly the best ways for resolving the diverse of issues of IE.